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We are pleased to distribute Stern pinballs / spares and merchandise exclusively in NZ.

I have been involved in pinball since 1975 when I was employed to clean contacts on electromechanical pinballs.

I bought my first new pinball "Close Encounters of the Third Kind " made by Gottlieb in 1978 in the days where import licensing meant 'pinballs' of any kind were strictly limited in our market .

This unit was operated on 5 balls for 40 cents in the"University of Canterbury Students Association Building .

Coin Cascade Ltd (a J.V. between myself and Stuart Jones) eventually operated 5-6 pinballs in this great location.

It was the first large games room CCL owned and was the forerunner of our first full arcade called 'Time Out'.

'Time Out' in 1998 became 'Timezone' under license from Malcom Steinberg /LAI Industries based then in Perth. Malcolm is a great friend of Gary Sterns and introduced me to him in the 80's when Stern Electronics was making video games and then pinballs before being sold to Data East and then Sega and finally back to Gary Stern in the late 90's. You can read more about the history of Stern Pinballs here.

CCL's first container of pinballs imported into NZ for operations and sales was Black Rose (Bally/Midway) in 1992 but Fish Tails (Williams /Bally 1993 ) was the pinball that took the NZ market by storm and still holds the record for most pinballs sold /enjoyed here. Rodger and Alice Newman were the Williams/Bally agents before us in NZ and imported and sold here the world's most popular pinball 'Adams Family'.

While we imported many container loads of pinballs into NZ we also sent container loads of second hand units back into the USA market as our market declined as the popularity of pinball dropped off here.

After 45 years of playing /operating/ buying /selling /importing /exporting and servicing pinballs in NZ and around the world it's great to represent the world's best and largest pinball line in NZ and focus on it.

Feel free to talk to me anytime about anything to do with pinball.

Gary Walker

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